More Carp Fishing In Maryland

I’ve obviously spent a good deal of time on the warm water scene from my recent posts and videos. A few anglers have sent in their own reports, or stopped by to let us know they have had success fishing for these big fish. Other anglers have had a hard time getting these finicky fish to eat a fly. There is no secret fly, and no sure fire approach to catching carp. On an average day I will make dozens and dozens of casts to fish that seem completely and totally uninterested in eating a fly. Varying the retrieve, pattern size and color doesn’t seem to help when dealing with fish that are clearly not hungry. Just when I’m ready to give up I find one fish that acts a little different than the rest. I’ve learned to disregard, or not bother casting to fish that don’t exhibit the “I’m looking for a meal” body language. In the latest video post I tried working some tailing fish on a muddy flat, but left for clearer water after an hour. In the second spot I cast to a dozen different carp that had no interest in my fly. The next fish cruising along the shoreline noticed my fly the moment it hit the water, and followed it to the bottom. The carp ate the fly and put up a great fight. I think this might be the biggest one I’ve landed this year, although there are many fish much larger in our local waters.