Clouds Of Tricos On The Gunpowder River, Maryland

The Trico Mayflies are still hatching in big numbers on the Gunpowder despite making their first appearance over a month ago. Recent reports from anglers and guides mention pods of steadily, rising trout during mid morning hours throughout numerous stretches of river. While many recent guide trips have resulted in steady action and great days on the water, the fishing is far from easy.

Commonly known as the Angler’s Curse, tricos are not a favorite hatch amongst all anglers, due the tiny size and big numbers of the adults. Few anglers can deny how eager the trout are to rise to these bugs once they witness a heavy hatch for themselves. Anglers willing to nymph flies in the 20-26 range can catch trout under the surface well into the middle of the day, probably due to the thousands of spinners and emergers washing for miles down river. Thousands of mayflies? Watch the latest video post and try counting them if you can.